US Retaliation on the Horizon

Nearly a year ago, a chemical attack in Syria provoked President Trump to order a cruise missile strike on a Syrian military airfield. At the time, Trump called it “an affront to humanity” and voiced disgust at the images of wounded and dead families.

President Donald Trump, Monday April 9, 2018, denounced the recent alleged chemical attack in Syriasaying, “It was atrocious, it was horrible.”

Over the weekend, Trump took to Twitter referring to the conditions in Syria as a “mindless chemical attack” while also blaming a select few “President Putin, Russia, and Iran” , and even Barack Obama, for “backing Animal Assad.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statementon Sunday stated that the chemical attack report was a “hoax” and an “information attack” that served the purpose of protecting “terrorists.”

The crisis over Syria is likely to quicken the deteriorating relationship between Russia and the United State. On Friday, the administration placed economic sanctions on some of Putin’s financial backers. The sanctions give the United States a potent weapon to pressure international financial institutions not to lend money or facilitate transactions by the well-connected Russians.

Russia, has the authority of veto on UN security council has made it so the issue will not be discussed amongst the UN.

During a meeting with his Cabinet on, the president said he and his administration will be making “some major decisions” on Syria over the next 24-48 hours.

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