Trump Had Child with an Employee According to Reports

It isn’t an ordinary day in the United States unless a scandalous rumor involving the President Donald Trump comes to light.

Three reports have claimed that a former doorman at a Trump property in New York City was compensated $30,000 for a story about Mr. Trump. Dino Sajudin was paid to keep quiet about Mr. Trump  fathering an illegitimate child with an employee in the 1980s by the National Enquirer.

Statements about doorman first emerged on gossip website and National Enquirer partner; Radar on Wednesday. The Associated Press and the The New Yorker have since printed more thorough accounts of the story. While there is no evidence the rumor is true, it is further evidence that the National Enquirer’s parent company, American Media Inc., bought and then covered up narratives that might damage Trump’s presidential campaign.

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