NC Transgender Witch Suing Prison Over Religious Rights

In Charlotte, NC a trans female inmate is suing a North Carolina prison, saying it’s blocking her from practicing witchcraft. North Carolina doesn’t accommodate to transgender people outside of prison either. It is the state that started the anti-trans bathroom bills. HB2 put a spotlight on NC for a few years. It’s not surprising that Jennifer Ann Jasmaine is not getting what she is asking for. So, she is suing and says, in the lawsuit that chaplains at the all-male Lanesboro Correctional Institution have violated her constitutional rights by restricting when, where and how she can practice Wicca, the religion based on ancient pagan beliefs.

State policy says North Carolina prisons “shall provide access for approved religious services or practices and pastoral care.” Inmates wanting to practice a religion not recognized by the prison system must fill out a religious assistance request form.

One might go as far to say, NC has also also put her human rights at stake by placing her in a male prison to start with. Transgender prisoners face much higher levels of violence, sexual assault and tend to go to prison for smaller crimes than most and get longer sentences. Watch the video below for more information.

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