Scottish Rapist Only Charged 10 yrs for Horrific Violence

As more and more victims of sexual assault come forward especially following the international #metoo campaign, one would think more justice would be available to the victims.

A courageous rape victim, Katie Johnston, pressed charges on her rapist and opened up about the moment when a stranger attacked her and scarred her forever. She believed she would “die” during the horrific attack in Aberdeen, Scotland while walking the Union Terrace Gardens two years ago. The police surgeon who examined her following the assault said she suffered the “worst internal injuries” he had ever seen in his career.

Her rapist was sentenced to only a ten-year prison sentence today. Ms. Johnston told the Daily Record, “Obviously no amount of time would be enough. But 10 years is a good enough time for him to be off the streets, so he doesn’t have the opportunity to do this again.” She also commented that she was only expecting him to be charged with 6 or 7 years.

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