England went crazy after #WaistCoatWednesday hashtags

Englishmen have always been known for their gentlemen dressing sense but who knew that this would turn into a sport’s trend. Very recently, the new hashtags of #WaistCoatWednesday have been trending throughout the social media. In case, you have been wondering what it is all about the, let’s solve this mystery for you!
Well, Gareth Southgate has his own swag and style. He is currently working as the manager of the national football team of England and was also a former player. To give a tribute to him, all the football lovers of England wore their waistcoats on Wednesday, dated: 11th July, 2018.
Gareth Southgate- the manager of England National Football Team.
Picture Credits: www.theguardian.com
This trend actually asked the fans to throw away their FIFA T-shirts and get dressed-up as a suited-booted gentleman. Not only the kids and teenagers followed the trend but all the adults and old-men also followed the trend. This showed their love for the football as a nation.

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