Earthquake in Mexico led to discovery of an old temple

Traces of a very old temple have been found by the archaeologists as they were looking at a Mexican pyramid to find any signs of damage. It was discovered when the team from Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) was checking for the damage with a radar. The resources have confirmed that the temple is located about 43 miles south of main Mexico City, inside the Teopanzolco pyramid that is located in Morelos state.

The old temple found in Mexico Picture Credits:


The archaeologists believe that it dates back to 1150 therefore, there is a high suspicion that it may belong to the Tlahuica culture. This has been a known culture of the Aztec peoples inhabited in central Mexico.

Also, Tláloc is the main structure of the temple as Tláloc was considered the rain God by the Aztecs. The statue measured 20ft by 13ft.  Also, they found ceramic shards and an incense burner within the remains of the temple.


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