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Watch Awkward Wheel of Fortune Flop

On Monday night the biggest puzzle on the wasn’t the spelling of a word but instead the pronunciation. With a puzzle “Flamenco dance lessons” totally exposed, all the contestant, Jonny had to do was correctly pronounce all of the words in order to receive $7,100. Instead, he offered “flamingo dance lessons.” The audience started to

Facebook in The Face of Scandal

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg posted a message to his Facebook page today, about an hour ago,  as he headed into the Congress hearing in the face of Facebook’s data sharing practices. “In an hour I’m going to testify in front of the Senate about how Facebook needs to take a broader view of

Catholic School Accused of Abusing Children AGAIN

Bergen Catholic High School is once again in hot water over allegations by a former student. In October 2016, a 1974 Bergen Catholic High School graduate came forward with his traumatic past of being sexually abused by his chemistry teacher as a 13-year-old boy. Followed by his allegations were dozens of public claims by others who attended the school during the 1950s

Sherriff Says Killing Suspects Saves Money

A video recording of the sheriff of a California county has been released during the heated sherriff elections in the state. Sherriff Donny Youngblood oversees a police force with an enormous number of police suspect shootings. The video reveals Youngblood claiming that it was “better financially” to murder suspects rather than wound them. In the

Unlikely Graduation Photo Causes Debate

A University of Tennessee Chattanooga senior’s graduation photo has generated quite a stir on social media outlets. Brenna Spencer posted the photo of herself with a handgun tucked in the waistband of her white skinny jeans to Twitter. She has attracted a surprising “amount of hate” according to Fox News. Spencer, who will graduate with

Young Girls Jump From Balcony in NJ

A number of of young girls were forced to drop from the second-floor balcony of a Edgewater, New Jersey dance studio to escape a massive fire on Monday. In a video posted to YouTube, some of the girls can be seen caught on the balcony as people on the ground rush over with ladders to