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Russia Wants War With The U.S.

The Guardian reported that, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said the chemical attack in Syria was staged by foreign agents. The US and France say they have proof it took place and, alongside the UK, are contemplating military retaliation. Russia, which has military forces implemented in Syria, backing of the government, has notified the US

First Black Woman Nominated as Marine General

Marine Corps Col. Lorna Mahlock has been nominated to work as the first black female brigadier general in the Marine Corps., according to ABC News. Mahlock was considered by President Donald Trump, and Defense Secretary James Mattis announced the nomination on Tuesday. According to his statement, Mahlock is presently the deputy director of the Operations,

UFO Beats Plane in Race

The Sun reported recently that a video footage captured in 2016 was recently shared on YouTube gaining traction of  27,000 + views. The person who filmed the plane said the military base near his home often tested aviation but was caught off guard to see something following the jet so he began filming. The unnerving clip

Straight Pride Attacked

Amazon shoppers just learned they could buy a “Straight Heterosexual Pride Wavy Gold Plated Flag Pin Badge” on the website, courtesy of the seller 1000 Flags, for $8—and the reactions spanned from mockery to disgust. The response caused the U.K. – based seller to end the sales of this item from his website and from


A colony of one million killer bees have become terrorists in an El Paso, Texas, neighborhood and professionals have been unable to remove them. The bees have been constructing a colony in the walls of a home occupied by two elders who care for a special needs person. They couldn’t afford to have the colony

Rent Your Next Car Using Uber

On Wednesday, Uber announced that it is launching a rental car network in partnership with Getaround, the San Francisco based private car rental company. With Getaround’s model, car owners choose how long they want to offer their vehicle for rental. An array of vehicle types will be available for users, and cars can be rented

Governor Tied Up, Groped and Coerced Woman Into Unwanted Sex, She Tells Lawmakers

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens has been accused of sexual assault with his former hair dresser, according to a report released Wednesday by the Missouri House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight. CNN warned readers that the committee’s report includes graphic testimony about a sexual encounter at Greitens’ home. “Upon entering the basement, Witness 1 testified that

Kevin Spacey May Face Trial for Sexual Assault

More than 30 men have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against the Oscar-winning actor, Kevin Spacey, in recent months. Kevin Spacey first became entangled in the #metoo campaign last November when actor, Anthony Rapp, accused him of a sexual violence in 1986 when he was 14 years old. Mr. Spacey was 26 and

NC White Democrat Says He’s Black

Gary Shipman and his Democratic opponents, running for a seat as a representative in House Senate – Leslie Cohen and John Bauer – were asked at a campaign event how they would promote inclusion. The event was organized by African-American voters and wanted to know why they should be interested in the democrats campaigns, the

Drunken $1600 Purchase Has Man Asking for Money

Mashable reported that a New Jersey man, Kenneth Bachman, got extremely intoxicated in West Virginia and incoherently ordered a $1,635 Uber ride to his home state. He also paid for tolls and ordered the most expensive car an UberXL made for 6 passengers. In an article with Bachman claims the driver had his phone,

World To End in 11 Days

Christian conspiracy theorist David Meade has announced his next apocalyptic prediction, this one proposing the world will on April 23, 2018. Meade is prophesying that the possibly bogus Planet X, also referred to as Nibiru, will show up April 23, indicating the start of the end of days. Meade validates these claims by citing the fact